Wisdom of Elders

In most traditional cultures, “an elder is one acknowledged for not only being older but has also reached a state of maturity and wisdom…the old and the elder are the most revered members of the community and are its greatest preservers and nurturers.” -Malidoma Somé

In July 2007, Nelson Mandela brought together a group of independent leaders and introduced them by saying “… with their experience, and their profound commitment to building a better world- let us call them global Elders. They support courage where there is fear, foster agreement where there is conflict and inspire hope where there is despair." -www.theelders.org

“It takes a person of great heart to see...the wisdom elders have to offer, and so serve them out of gratitude for the life they have passed on to us." - Kent Nerburn

Wisdom of Elders

What We Do
We’ve had the honour to inspire people of all ages in Canada by hosting various respected indigenous elders. These have included: Elder Vern Harper (Cree, Canada, now deceased); Mandaza Kandemwa (Shona from Central Africa); and Dr. Malidoma Somé (Dagara, Burkina Faso and USA).

Besides hosting events, we’re creating A Legacy of Wisdom where we are documenting and sharing elders’ wisdom.

Our Accomplishments

  • Hosted gatherings with various elders including Dr. Malidoma Somé (Dagara), Elder Vern Harper (Cree, deceased), and Svikiro Mandaza Kandemwa (Shona)
  • Hosted the Canadian tour in 2014 and 2018 for Svikiro Mandaza Kandemwa, an elder from Central Africa in 6 cities of Ontario and 2 cities in British Columbia
  • Implemented initial stage of Legacy of Elders project creating an eldership platform enabling Elders’ stories and messages to be shared widely to all who seek their guidance and wisdom. (see below for more information)

How You Can Help

This project supports hosting and documentation of elders stories and messages. Living Ways is keen to share respected elders’ messages and resources on its website enabling access to all. Your donations support our efforts to enable elders to share their wisdom. Donate Now

At Living Ways, we require volunteers for a range of activities, from working on our key projects, to helping with administrative work or our promotional and digital efforts. We encourage diversity among our volunteers, and recruit prospective volunteers from a broad range of abilities and backgrounds. Volunteer Here

Photo of Elder Vern by Matthew Wiley

Legacy of Elders

Elders possess a valuable contribution and represent a vast store of wisdom that can guide us in transforming our lives, our communities and the planet.

Living Ways aims to increase awareness of the powerful role of elders, as well as disseminating their messages and supporting the concept of eldership for children, youth and adults.

Living Ways acknowledges and champions the profound gifts of elders for the betterment of our society. We are developing a variety of projects to share their wisdom and guidance for us all.

The first elder we are featuring on this platform is Elder Vern Harper, Chapon Asin (Great Grandfather Stone), Cree (June 17, 1936 - May 12, 2018). It is an honour and privilege to feature this spiritual elder and share some of his messages recorded before his passing. Living Ways had the privilege of videotaping Elder Vern (Videographer, Wendy Rowland). Living Ways is grateful and delighted to have these videos available to the public.

For more information on Elder Vern please click on the following link.



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