About Living Ways Living Ways is dedicated to creating a more hopeful, compassionate and sustainable world.

Living Ways offers educational and transformative experiences, primarily focused on key dimensions of wellness: people, communities and the planet. Living Ways initiates and supports key international grassroots projects in areas of high poverty, raising hope in the face of despair.

Living Ways was started by Leslie Fell, with the goal of creating a more hopeful, compassionate and sustainable world. After obtaining her Masters Degree in Science and Community Health, she augmented her studies with on-the-ground work with indigenous elders and scholars in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa.

In 2000, Leslie accepted the opportunity to travel to Africa. There she witnessed first hand the devastating impact of poverty. Her travels over the next 14 years enabled her to witness a maddening world. A world where those people with a bed, food and a roof over their heads are better off than 75% of the world.

What Matters

Cherishing our Planet
Care and respect for the earth and the diversity of species which inhabit our planet is foundational to all we do. Although aware we cannot fix the entire world at once, we believe in infinite possibilities.

Children & Youth
Commitment to investing in children and youth is a priority of Living Ways. Believing in themselves, celebrating their cultural heritage, and developing key values will give children and youth the life skills to affect change in our world.

Acknowledging nature as being a primary teacher of innate wisdom and source of healing and wellness is the foundation for numerous events and programs at Living Ways. Though modernity and technology have certain gifts, they leave many disconnected from the beauty and magic of nature.

Poverty Relief
Understanding that poverty limits access to growth, skills and potential, Living Ways seeks to use innovative strategies to foster access to programs and education.

The Way of The Heart
Living Ways recognizes that the expansive qualities of the heart such as compassion and generosity create significant opportunity to raise hope in the face of despair.

Transformational Holistic Ways
Living in extraordinary times full of uncertainty and potential, Living Ways recognizes the essentialness of increasing consciousness and maximizing human potential.  We aspire to have holistic initiatives inclusive of mind, body, heart and spirit.

Wisdom of Elders
Living Ways aims to increase awareness of the powerful role of elders, as well as disseminating their messages and supporting the concept of eldership for children, youth and adults.

Mission Statement

Living Ways contributes to leaving a legacy of love and wisdom through transformative experiences and initiatives that foster hope, empowerment, and healing for people and the planet.

Our Vision

A compassionate, just and sustainable world where people leave a legacy of love and wisdom for our planet and future generations. Each person has access to food and nourishment for body, mind, heart and soul.

Leslie Fell Founder Living Ways

Leslie Fell-Living Ways Founder

Leslie oversees the operations of Living Ways. Her educational background includes a degree in Rehabilitation Medicine and a Masters in Community Health. The inspiration for Living Ways came from witnessing the paradox of unimaginable hardship and the beauty of our planet and humanity.

Carly Escott Living Ways Volunteer

Carly Escott-Administrative Support

Carly volunteers as the Administrative Assistant at Living Ways. She is  particularly interested in social justice and the development of gardens for education and food security.

Board of Directors

Kathleen Delahunty-Chair

Kathleen has 35+ years experience in healthcare and senior management as a former RN. Her visit to Zimbabwe and her years providing healthcare to Canada's First Nations showed her how much we need their knowledge of medicine in all areas of life.

Dr. Larry Nusbaum -Secretary

Larry is a physician, psychotherapist, artist and teacher who has dedicated his professional and personal life to enquiring about and sharing knowledge on what supports, heals and sustains the human spirit. He works with health practitioners to promote wellness and is a committee member of the Medical Psychotherapy Association of Canada and chair of the Spirituality in Health Care Network.

Mary Kreuk-Treasurer

Mary has over 30 years’ experience in marketing & sales, covering all industries from packaged goods, retail, agency and broadcasting. She has a Bachelor of  Commerce degree from Queen’s University and is currently Executive Director Multi-Platform Media Sales, Marketing & Olympics at CBC Radio-Canada.


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