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Living Ways

Living Ways contributes to leaving a legacy of love and wisdom through transformative experiences and initiatives that foster hope, empowerment, and healing for people and the planet.

Projects presently are in three key areas - providing children and youth in high poverty areas access to education; empowering people to grow, store and prepare nutritious food; and supporting 'elders' to share their wisdom.

Education is Hope

Education is Hope

Provide children and youth access to quality education in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Despite the hardships these children face, their hope for the future remains.

Grace Gardens

Grace Gardens

Provide individuals and families the opportunity to grow, harvest, store, and prepare nutritious foods at their own backyard and within the community.

Wisdom of Elders

Wisdom of Elders

Increase the awareness of the powerful role of respected elders and help spread their wisdom to transform lives,  communities and our planet.


Living Ways believes in the old adage “It takes a village”. We welcome the meaningful involvement of people who are as passionate about creating a more compassionate and sustainable world as we are.


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