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About Living Ways

Living Ways is dedicated to creating a more hopeful, compassionate and sustainable world, where people leave a legacy of love and wisdom for our planet and future generations.

The organization will offer educational and transformative experiences, primarily focused on key dimensions of wellness: people, communities and the planet.  Living Ways will initiate and support key international grassroots projects in areas of high poverty, raising hope in the face of despair.

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Through transformative experiences and initiatives that foster hope, consciousness and healing for people and the planet, Living Ways contributes to leaving a legacy of love and wisdom.


A compassionate, just and sustainable world where people leave a legacy of love and wisdom for our planet and future generations.


  • Love – An open-heart is the source from which our efforts spring forth. Coming from the heart provides both the inspiration and the guidance for all we do, and how we do it.
  • Integrity – In both the work we do and our valued relationships, we operate from a place of truth, fairness, trust and respect. We treat others, as we ourselves would want to be treated. We focus on the collective good.
  • Generosity – Recognizing the true abundance in life, Living Ways encourages and brings the spirit of generosity into all of our endeavours.
  • Wisdom – Living Ways is committed to preserving and sharing the seeds of wisdom from traditional indigenous cultures, while embracing and nurturing innovative new ideas grounded in truth.
  • Nature – Respect for, protection of and connection with nature is pivotal for sustainable and wellness practices.
  • Consciousness & Sustainability – We strive to be conscious of our actions, both in their impact on the earth and on our communities. Through our work, our intention is to improve and leave our planet in a better place for future generations.
  • Community – Building communities, connections and shared purpose is vital to our overall well-being. The work of Living Ways fosters community, igniting the collective desire in us to live together in a supportive, sustainable and harmonious way. It’s about shared responsibilities and shared benefits; about “us and we”, rather than “I and me”.
  • Diversity – We celebrate the magnificent diversity of life, and aim to weave it into an inspiring tapestry. The unique gifts of the people we work with, the wisdom cultures, and paths to healing give rise to a limitless source of inspiring ways and solutions.
  • Collaboration – The power of working together can manifest far greater results than working in isolation. Living Ways proactively seeks out like-minded individuals and organizations to magnify their collective impact in exciting partnerships.


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