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With Mandaza Kandemwa

Come and learn more about the importance of education and this wonderful project bringing hope to children and youth.
Join us and hear an inspiring message of hope and community!

Mandaza Kandemwa, a respected elder from Zimbabwe, will offer a powerful talk about the importance of education among his community, and how Living Way’s support for the children is raising hope for them and their families there

Mandaza will share his wisdom on themes such as:
• As you educate the child, you build a strong family, community and nation
• If you want to debilitate and destroy the future of a child, deprive that child of education
• To overcome poverty, disease, starvation and dependency, educate the childLes with school children - Campaign
• Good quality education with production, is the foundation of a strong house
• The source of true Youth Empowerment is education

This evening will raise funds for our “Education IS Hope” project, which provides sponsorship for 13 beautiful children and 9 inspiring youths. The evening will also feature some fabulous entertainment, great door prizes, and a silent auction with some truly valuable items!

Did You Know?
• In Zimbabwe, education is not funded by the government, but is paid for by caregivers. This includes payment for tuition, uniforms, books, supplies, exam fees and transportation.
• Zimbabwe is a country with dire challenges, including staggering inflation, political corruption, disease, drought and even starvation. Tragically, as a result, many charities do not offer support there.
• With 72% of the population below the poverty line, it is extremely challenging for a child to receive a full education.


A Svikiro (traditional healer) and Mhondoro (one in constant prayer for others) in the Shona and Ndebele traditions who carries with great heart the Central African tradition of healing and peacemaking.

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