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Education - youth studying

Education IS Hope

Education is crucial to breaking the cycle of poverty. Living Ways has embarked on an international grassroots project in Zimbabwe to provide children and youth with access to quality education.

See how Education IS Hope provides children like Israel with the hope for a better future, for themselves, their families and their communities.


Project Sanctuary

We are called to create a wondrous haven!

Join us to protect and support 100 acres of land in the beautiful Northumberland Hills to be the most magical sanctuary to nurture the soul, while honoring and caring for a small part of nature and our earth. Restoring native species, planting food-providing nut trees and gardens, creating magical fairy gardens for children, and designing peaceful “nooks” for retreats – we have a bold vision! Be part of it.

Photo Credit: Matthew Wiley

Wisdom of Elders

Elders possess a valuable contribution, and represent a vast store of wisdom that can guide us in transforming our lives, our communities and the planet.

Living Ways aims to increase awareness of the powerful role of elders, as well as disseminating their messages and supporting the concept of eldership for children, youth and adults.

Sanctuary for what matters.
Thank you for your support.