Project Sanctuary

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“There must be always remaining in every life, some place for the singing of angels, some place for that which in itself is breathless and beautiful.”
Howard Thurman

We are called to create a wondrous haven!

Aspiring to create an atmosphere of beauty, where people can dream, believe and manifest what is possible in the world, we are stirred to continue to create an abundance of beauty on the land. Situated on 100 acres of ecologically diverse land located in Northumberland Hills, 1 1/4 hrs east of Toronto, this sanctuary will restore wellness and inspire the human potential.Les son planting nut trees

Our intention is to plant trees, native vegetation and gardens which will not only support soul-stirring personal retreats but also fortify wildlife such as the butterflies, bees and bluebirds. Creating an area of nature and fairy gardens that involve children and kindles their imagination is also envisioned.

We are just getting started, but there are many wonderful ways you can participate:

Calling all Designers of Sacred, Environmental Spaces

We have a vision for the land, both as a sacred, healing space as well as an environmentally sustainable hub where our footprint is small and we nurture our Earth.
We would love some expertise to help us translate the vision into a workable plan. If you are a permaculture practitioner (or student looking for a project), landscape designer, or some other discipline involved in creating a holistic, integrated land plan, and you’re interested in helping out, we’d love to hear from you! (Did we mention we’re a non-profit start-up? So we don’t currently have funds, but perhaps we can manifest an exchange, and bolster your portfolio at the same time).

Email us at and tell us about your skills, and even a link to your work if you have it.



“Beauty awakens the soul to act.”

Need to get out of the bustling city and get some rich earth under your fingernails ? (or we have gloves if preferred!) Want to feel surrounded by the beauty of rolling hills, valleys, forests and birds instead of cubicles or subways?

Throughout the summer and fall we will be hosting Sanctuary Community Days, when you can come and join us and lend a hand in creating our Sanctuary from the ground up, literally!

If you’re interested, email us at let us know and we’ll keep you posted on upcoming working parties.

Donate plants, tools/equipment or money

Trees, bushes, or bushels of money – we need it all!

We are creating a master plan for the land, with an emphasis on native species as well as food generating trees and plants. Not to mention beauty, lots of beauty, and even whimsical plants for our children’s gardens.

We could also use some basic tools, so we’ll happily recycle your old ones, as long as they’re in workable condition. Whatever you can spare, all is appreciated.

We’ve provided a brief list of plants and tools we could use here.

Oh, and did we mention money? :) We are always tremendously grateful for funds. We have plans for some cabins and gazebos but need to raise resources to put those in place,

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Sanctuary for what matters.
We are called to create a wondrous haven! Join us to create the most magical sanctuary to nurture the soul, while honoring and caring for a small part of nature and our earth. Restoring native species, planting food-providing nut trees and gardens, creating magical fairy gardens for children, and designing peaceful “nooks” for retreats – we have a bold vision! Be part of it.
Sanctuary for what matters.
Thank you for your support.