Education IS Hope

Empowering Children and Youth

Education IS Hope enables children and youth, access to quality education.

Les with school children - CampaignOur first effort is educational sponsorship for children and inspiring youth in eastern Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. This is a country with dire challenges of starvation, disease, drought, political corruption and staggering inflation. Tragically, because of the extremely difficult situation there, most charities have withdrawn support. In spite of this hardship, it has not diminished their energy, enthusiasm, resilience and hope for their future.

This project supports children (to age 11) and youth (12 – 20 yrs of age) and one adult (in university). For each child, we estimate we will need between $300 – $400 (Cdn) for the coming term.  For the youth, it is particularly challenging, since school costs are extraordinarily high for quality high school education which enables them to have the ability to apply to university.  These students need your support!

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Funds raised will support education needs such as:

  • Tuition and exam fees
  • Books and supplies
  • Uniforms (required for all schools)
  • Transportation
We feel it’s so critical for these children to have the gift of education that we’ve committed that all funds raised in this urgent appeal will go to the education sponsorship project. We have also conducted on-the-ground research in Zimbabwe to confirm processes are in place to ensure full accountability with funds arriving to their designation. Join us today in creating a future for these children.

The fortitude of these children and families leaves us speechless…Education over the long term will significantly help them to be self- reliant and build a future of economic stability. I’ve witnessed how sponsorship funds can inspire hope and empower sustainability for these families  (Anna Wootten, member of the Education IS Hope Team)

The Education IS Hope Team:

We are presently looking for keen individuals to join The Education IS Hope volunteer team.  Please let us know if you are interested!


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Education is crucial to breaking the cycle of poverty. Living Ways has embarked on an international grassroots project in Zimbabwe to provide children and youth with access to quality education. See how Education IS Hope provides children like Israel with the hope for a better future, for themselves, their families and their communities.
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Thank you for your support.